Nairobi Run will be held over a weekend to make it easy for everyone to participate. You can run any day of this weekend at any time. Stay tuned to this website & our social media for the exact dates. Connect with your city in a new exciting way.

Visit www.Nairobi.Run, tap Register and fill in your details. Upon registration & payment, you will receive instructions on how to collect your t-shirt.

Once you register and collect your t-shirt, visit your chosen venue on any of the 2 days of the event at a time of your choosing. Complete your run and submit your run details on the website to get listed on the Leaderboard and be eligible to win the medal.

Once you successfully complete and submit your run on the Nairobi Run website, you will receive an email with details about your medal. If you have already submitted and did not receive an email, please reach out to us at contact@nairobi.run

We have assorted some of the best running routes in and around the city of Nairobi. These include Arboretum, Ngong Road Forest, Karura Forest, Oloolua Nature Hills and Runda Estate. Runners can either choose from these or  run/suggest a route of their own. Nairobi Run is about exploring & rediscovering the city under the sun.

All registrants shall receive the official Nairobi Run T-shirt as well as an e-certificate upon completion. Upon successful submission of their run, including the route, distance, estimated time and a vibrant picture of their run view, registrants can also receive a medal.

No, there is no official ranking. Nairobi Run is not a race or a competition. The goal of Nairobi Run is to celebrate the city and create engagement in the community. Connect with your city in a new way. Explore new places. All registrants will get an e-certificate.

Browse our website to create your own cool bibs, learn more about our water stations, choose your running routes or suggest amazing ones that we missed out. Engage with the runners communities or add your running group. Spread the word about Nairobi Run and inspire your friends & family.

Nairobi Run shall be held over a weekend. The date shall be made available on the website and social media. Runners can participate literally any time during this weekend. This is to avoid crowds at our selected running routes.

There is no fixed distance. Nairobi Run is a run meant for runners of all capabilities and caliber. You can run as long as you like and for as far as you like on a route of your choice.

Definitely. Run as you like, run alone or run with friends, run with your spouse or with your children. We welcome runners in all formats.

No, there is no start or finish line. Nairobi Run is not a race or a competition. This is a run that celebrates the city and hence there is no start or finish point. You can run from any point to any point, at a route selected by us or a route of your own choosing.

Nairobi Run aims to keep all it's participants safe, to adhere to all Covid-19 guidelines and to avoid crowds / gatherings. Therefore we have spread out the event across two days, multiple routes and flexible timings along with offering participants the option to run on any other route. This is to ensure dispersion of the participants across the run and avoid any gatherings.

You can publish your run at a social media of your choosing and we also recommend registrants to submit their run on the Nairobi Run website (www.nairobi.run/submit-your-run/) to be part of the official leaderboard. For social media, make sure you tag us with the hashtag #NairobiRun or our account @NairobiRun.

You can track your Nairobi Run with any tracking app of your choosing. This can be through a fitness tracker or even your mobile phone. Just make sure you submit your tracked or estimated run with a vibrant image of your run view on the Nairobi Run website to be part of the official leaderboard.

Yes we do, and not just one, we have many cool Nairobi Run bibs to choose from. Head over to our bib page and design a bib that represents you.

Once Nairobi Run concludes, we will be sharing an e-certificate to all registrants via email. Register now using the form.

The registration form allows you to either have your T-shirt delivered to you or you can choose to pick up your T-shirt from a location that you find suitable from our options. If you still have questions, reach out to us at contact@nairobi.run

Nous sommes toujours heureux d’avoir des nouvelles de la communauté.

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